2019-2020 Illinois Region Point Standings

Twin River Tessa


2019 -2020 Illinois Region Point Standings

Point accumulation will be from Illinois region trials and National trials during quantification rounds where points are award (i.e. typically Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rounds).

Dog Name Owner Name Total
Twin River Tessa Phil Chandler 8
Beeline’s Good Times Wyatt Bob Russell 7
Mohawk’s King Tut Bob Cunningham 4
Top Secret Ole Ripley Smokin Maggie James Carpenter 3
Mohawks Dusty Rhoads Kim Turner 3
Shadow’s Ace Scott Schwimley 3
Taylor’s Sergeant York Russ Taylor 3
Taylor’s Rex Foxy Angel Russ Taylor 2
Taylor’s Whistling Dixie Russ Taylor 2
Rimarda’s HiKnob Majic Celidy John Verling 2
Double R Liz Brandon Raulston 2
Mace’s Diamond Cutter Mary Kay Kunza 1
Ike Gambles Materkowski Tim Materkowski 1
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